Delivery Options

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Reliable Delivery

From our large fleet of electronically dispatched delivery vehicles to our highly trained and courteous drivers, you can rest assured we will keep you supplied throughout the year. Our modern dispatch facilities have the latest technology in route optimization and degree-day deliveries.

Automatic Delivery

Don’t like having to go out in the cold winter weather to check your tanks? The Automatic Delivery option is right for you. We take care of your fuel while you stay nice and warm inside your house.

Will Call

Not sure you want to commit to an automatic delivery schedule? Not a problem. You call, we’ll deliver.

Tank Monitors

Whether you choose our Automatic Delivery option or you call us when you’d like to schedule a delivery, tank monitors can be installed to monitor your propane or heating oil levels. Trust us to provide the peace of mind so you don’t have to think about your fuel supply.


  • Enjoy a worry-free winter – the tank automatically notifies us when it’s time for a heating fuel delivery
  • Convenient reporting while you are away – great for second homes or extended absences
  • Our tank monitors assist families in managing fuel supplies for seniors and the disabled
  • No surprises – we’ll check with you when your tank checks in with us


  • Reduces risk of downtime and lost productivity caused by preventable run-outs
  • We monitor supply automatically 24/7, freeing up your people to do other things
  • Enables communication even in hard-to-reach locations
  • Allows us to better assist you in forecasting fuel costs

Let technology help manage your fuel supply and eliminate lost warmth in your home or lost productivity in your business.

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